Hon’ble PM of India, Sri Narendra Modi ji, has been sharing his heartfelt thoughts and experience including Yoga through Mann Ki Baat (MKB), an initiative he started in 2014. The significant health benefits of Yoga have been mentioned several times in the MKB. In September 2014, the PM proposed celebrating the 21st of June as International Yoga Day while addressing the United Nations Assembly. The proposal got overwhelming support from 177 countries. In the history of the United Nations, such vast numbers of supporters for one proposal were seen for the first time.[1] Further, Prime Minister Sri Modi rightfully contended that Yoga is a priceless gift handed over to us by our ancestors, which we have given to the world. Yoga gives the power to lead a balanced and healthy life in a world mired by war, pandemics, and the quagmire of stress and struggle for existence. Sri Modi further elaborates that practicing Yoga ensures healthy living and being richly endowed with strong willpower, nurturing supreme self-confidence, and concentration on every task rendering its completion with success.[2] Through the MKB series, the PM has attracted the attention of billions of people worldwide towards Yoga. The current article presents further elaborates on the scope of Yoga as the most elaborate and scientifically proven integrative medicine for health and wellness.

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